For us making olive oil means to interpret a millenary tradition which keeps innovating in terms of taste and pleasure.. We put our style in the production of an olive oil that reflects the strong identity of this territory. As all the rest of our products, our olive oil is exclusively fruit of our own groves and is only processed in the eco-system olive mill of our property.

The advanced technologies and continuous research brought us to obtain from our autochthonous varieties olive trees an oil with an unique and distinctive style. We are convinced that the olive oil should not cover the other flavors, should not suffocate them, but has the task to exalt them increasing their pleasantness. 

When tasted our olive oil reveals itselfsoft and elegant on the palate and than continues in an explosion of pleasant sensations of fruit, herbs, spices... an extremely persistent and fulfilling taste.

The queen of the olive varieties of our territory is the Raggia from which we extract a mono varietal olive oil.
In our groves we grow a range of other typical local varieties of which we make our blended olive oil.