Il "Verdicchio del mare"

Made from organic grapes and vinified in a natural way.

GlaRus is the maximum expression of our Verdicchio 100% with the perfumes with the sea.

Our vineyard of Verdicchio is situated at just 1000 meters from the Adriatic Sea. A soft breeze blows continuously on our vines, bringing the perfumes of the sea directly on the bunches of grape. Here it is the most important component of our Verdicchio and we have decided to valorose it.

Thanks to the Ganimede vinificator, we are able to fully catch all the aromaticity the sea breeze gives to our grapes.

GlaRus is born for this.

Our vinification method is completed with a fermentation at controlled temperature with indigenous yeasts. The bâtonnages on the fine lees enrich the personality of a Verdicchio which finds in this way a new dimension of quality.

The perfumes of the sea, of rocks wet by the waves, of sea saltiness and than lots of mature yellow-fleshed fruit, the aromatic herbs of the coast are intrinsic features of our whites. They are the classic structure and acidity of the Verdicchio which allow to obtain an important wine, able to evolve for long time without losing its freshness, acquiring major complexity and balance in a fine bouquet of sea and land.

Area of origin

Our Vineyard "Fontenuovo" located in the municipality of Senigallia (AN)


Verdicchio 100%


Clay and limestone

Training system


Number of plants per hectare


Maximun output

1,6 kg per vine


Mid-September, only by hand, in crates


Short cold maceration in vats "Ganimede", fermentation in stailess steel at controlled temperature for about 20 days


10 months in steel tanks on fine lees with continuous batonnage.


6 month in bottle