Spumante Metodo Classico Ancestrale IGP, 100% naturale

ColFondo is our organic and natural sparkling wine.

A sparkling wine in a perpetual contact with the yeasts in the bottle, it evolves continuously with the time and once poured in the glass expresses it self with various and fascinating facets, which change in few minutes by the time it oxygenates.

An unfiltered wine , obtained by spontaneous fermentation with its own yeasts, after a short maceration of the grape skins in the must.

The highest attention put into preparing the grapes yet in the vineyard and into the vinification conducted first in inox and than in the bottle allows us to obtain an extremely pleasant, fine and complex wine with floral, yellow fruits and very evident citrus perfumes and clear notes of bread crust.

Our Ancestrale is suitable for long refinement where the evolution in fitness and complexity continues.

The effect of our verdicchio grown next to the see shows up in the typical sapidity, the balance between structure and fruitiness and final pleasantness.




Area of origin

Our Vineyard "Fontenuovo" located in the municipality of Senigallia (AN)


Verdicchio 100%


Clay and limestone

Training system


Number of plants per hectare


Maximun output

1,5 kg per vine


September, only by hand, in crates


Cold maceration in vats "Ganimede", fermentation in stailess steel at controlled temperature for about 20 days

Maturation and Refinement

12 months in stainless steel on the fine lies whit cotinuous batonnages and 12 months in bottle.